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From:Christian Mack Date:May 6 1999 2:20pm
Subject:Re: LOADING from a file
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"Sandrine C." wrote:
> Hello !
> Just wanted to know hot to do when you want to load a table : What is the
> 'look' of the filr
> For example : if i have a simple table like
> Name VARCHAR   Birth DATE
> How should be the file to load??
> Thanks

Hi Sandrine

The file to load via LOAD DATA INFILE or mysqlimport should look like this:
"John"	1974-03-33
"Mary Ann"	1981-04-25

a) The columns of one row are by default seperated by an <tab> character.
b) Each row ends with a <newline> character.
c) Strings are enclosed in doublequotes ".
d) If you want either of backslash \, quote ', double quote " in your strings, you have to
escape them by a backslash.
In order to get the string:
you have to write:
e) If you want <newline> and/or <tab> characters inside your strings, you have
to use:
 \n for <newline>
 \t for <tab>

If you want another format, you can specify other field and line seperation strings.


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