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From:Douglas Brantz Date:May 6 1999 1:25pm
Subject:Problem with Quotes!!
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I have web based course proposal forms for a college using mysql and
perl and the biggest problem I keep running into is the use of special
characters.   This might be a question more suited for a perl listserve,
but I thought someone on this listserve is bound to have the answer.

The dreaded "The document contains no data" error when a user uses "" in
the form.  How can I handle this, besides posting in bold on the form
"Please don't use "quotes" in this form."  I think the problem occurs
when someone describes measurements such as 7"x8", or when they quote a
passage.  How can I let them use quotes and then allow it to be stored
in mysql so they can review it, edit it and then print it out.

Thanks for you help in advance.

Computer Consultant

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