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From:Bill Koob Date:March 16 1999 2:05am
Subject:Need to understand process
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Thanks for the help Paul Dubois
your suggestion worked just fine.

Additional questions.

1. Where can I buy a book that gives a good overview
   of the operation and coding of mysql

2. Will this book tell me how to load a standard delimited
   dos ascii delimited file structure like such,
2,"bill koob"99999.99
3,"more characters",1257.18


 3. What kind on manual do you get if you buy the WinNT version?

 4. Can you buy a manual specifically for the this trial version?

 5. If there is a manual with it discuss such issues at ACCESS sql
    compatibility with MYSQL?

 6. Can anyone give me an idea of how ACCESS 
    would work as a front end for MYSQL
    with tables of 130 byte records with a 
    total file size  in the range of 3.5 gig 
    on a 400 pentium II, Both SCSI UW and IDE 
    drives? Tables would have two indexes of 10 
    bytes each per index with the variability 
    being in the 1000 range per index. Two users
    at most, Host and client.

 7. Any experience with NTFS compressed drives and MYSQL?

 8. Is there any problem with running on the host and the 
    client at the same time.

Thanks for any responces.

Have a great Hunt
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