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From:John Imison Date:May 6 1999 8:21am
Subject:RE: Convert Access to mySQL
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This is really easy using ODBC... Download the Access MySQL ODBC drivers

There is documentation there as well I believe, but it's pretty straight


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From: Julian de la Guia [mailto:julian.guia@stripped]
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Subject: Convert Access to mySQL

Hello mySQL-World,

This is my first message in this email list and this is my
first experience in mySQL. O:)

I want to convert tables and queries (views) from M$ Access
to mySQL  but I have some problems. I have downloaded script
converter for Access but this script only builds and fills
the tables (I have some problems with compatibility types
data too) and my question is: Can I convert the Access
queries to mySQL automatically? Yes? No? How? 

mySQL doesn't import Access files and Access doesn'nt export
mySQL files. I have other idea: export from Access trought
ODBC but I don't know how to make it. Do you know where I
can read information about this method?

I'm installing Red Hat 5.2 in this moment and I'll install
mySQL last version. Meanwhile, I'm thinking in my problem, a
BIG problem because I have used Microsoft Access. Sorry O:)

Thanks in advance, :)
Best regards,

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