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From:Christian Mack Date:May 5 1999 7:53pm
Subject:Re: ODBC
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Hi Robert

Robert Covell wrote:
> Got the DNS and DSN switched around, sorry.

No problem.

> So if the DSN is local that means the database needs to be as well?
> My ODBC knowledge is limited so I apologize, but I thought it could be
> on another box.

No, the DSN only is a connection between a local ODBC name and a distinct database which
can be local or remote.

> I am assuming that the paramaters  would go in the ODBC Client when
> setting up the location of the database.  

Yes. The client will support the ODBC driver of this particular DB system (or a general
one if possible) with the informations needed to locate and connect the DB system and open
the choosen database in it.

> So if I wanted to access an
> access database on an  NT Server  I would specific the IP and Port of the
> ODBC Server on the NT Box in my Linux ODBC Client?  Does that make sense?

Access is a poor example for this, because it doesn't provide a network interface.
Therefore AFAIK you can't connect to Access via a remote connection.

But you can connect MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server ... that way.
Most DBMS will not use an ODBC server, because their ODBC drivers translate ODBC queries
into their own network protocols.

> Thanks For YOur Response,
> -Bob


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