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From:Vivek Khera Date:February 25 2000 8:59pm
Subject:Re: regular expression issue
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>>>>> "SR" == Steve Ruby <stever@stripped> writes:

SR> Any body tell me what is wrong with this particular regexp, I've
SR> used others very much like it and the exact same one gives me
SR> what I expect from my logfiles using grep

SR> [stever@ruby32 webwork]$ mysql -uroot -e "select raw_datetime,c_meth_uri
SR> from combined where raw_datetime regexp '05/Jan/2000:0[1-4]*' and
SR> c_meth_uri like 'GET /images/%'" weblogs | head -5

You're misunderstanding regexp.  It is not a file glob.  The * at the
end means 0 or more occurrences of the character class [1-4].

It matches just what you requested.
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