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From:efrazier Date:March 16 1999 12:23am
Subject:Re: returning table name
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It looks like the below would be easy with the data reorganized as Tim
suggested. I was wondering about a simlair question in reverse though. I
have three tables that share a item ID as their primary keys , When I delete
an item from the database I need to remove the records from each of these
three tables by itemID. Something like
DELETE  books.*, fbooks.*, sbooks.*
FROM books,fbooks, sbooks 
WHERE books.index=fbooks.index
books.index =3;

But of course this doesn't work.

Can it work? Can you use something like an INNER JOIN with the DELETE? 



At 05:16 PM 3/15/99 -0700, you wrote:
>On Tue, Mar 16, 1999 at 01:14:20AM +0100, sinisa@stripped wrote:
>>Marc Antony Vose writes:
>>> So, I'd like it to return the table name along with each row, like so:
>>> name         table
>>> Baseball     games
>>> Blah Blah    utilities
>>> Joystick X   hardware
>>> Quake        games
>> No, it is not possible, you must have three queries. In  any SQL the
>> same field name, like 'name', used by three table would in a single
>> query produce 'ambiguous field name' error.
>Marc Antony, you might want to reorganize your data.  You can
>put the "table" from above into the games table.  Then you
>would trivially get the information you want by simply selecting
>two fields from the same table.
>If you want to query only utilities, well it's as simple as adding
>"AND table = 'utilities'" at the end of your WHERE clause.
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