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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 25 2000 8:32pm
Subject:Re: para-newbie alert
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At 3:10 PM -0500 2000-02-25, Glenn Becker wrote:
>I am working my way through the book PHP3: Programming Browser-Based
>Applications by David Medinets. Most of the book has to do with MySQL <-->
>PHP interactions ... I am new to both.
>I've got MySQL 3.22.32 installed on a P120/48MB running Slackware Linux
>7.0. I crawled through the first 25+ pages of the book, getting everything
>installed correctly ...
>... and now that I am beginning to work with MySQL, I am running into
>new problems. Specifically, I am using the following SQL:
>to modify the user table of the mysql database. This is copied directly
>from the book (there is some indenting in the book example, however). When
>I send it into MySQL, I get an "Error 1064" ... an error in MySQL syntax.
>What is wrong with this? How do I find out what's wrong with it? I
>apologize for the newbieness of the questions - I didn't know where to go
>in the documentation to find an answer, or how to use MySQL itself
>to troubleshoot. Thanks in advance for any pointers to what I *might* be
>doing wrong.

If this is the example from page 26-27 of the book, you should have
commas between the column names in the column list, not periods.

You may want to skip attempts to modify the grant tables
directly, and use the GRANT statement instead.  See Chapter 7 of the
MySQL Reference Manual.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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