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From:Marc Antony Vose Date:February 25 2000 7:05pm
Subject:privileges, privileges, privileges...
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hey there:

i'm switching over from a linux x86 box to a linuxppc box, which 
means that i have had to completely reinstall mysql and bring all my 
tables over and whatnot.

even after carefully reading the priv section in the manual, i guess 
i'm not getting something.

right now, none of my update scripts are working, because 
(apparently) the user doesn't have "update privileges".

could someone please explain to me how a user could *not* have update 
privs, even though in both the db and user tables there is a 'Y' in 
the "Update_priv" column?

there's something here i'm just not getting.

my mysql version is 3.22.32 on linuxppc.


Marc Antony Vose

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