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From:Dave Hodgkinson Date:May 5 1999 9:22am
Subject:Re: storing Foreign Key definitions
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Michael Widenius <monty@stripped> writes:

> >>>>> "Robin" == Robin Bowes <robin.bowes@stripped> writes:
> Robin> Hi,
> Robin> Any idea what the current status of this is?  I thought it was already
> Robin> there and am most disappointed that I can't create automatic entity
> Robin> relationship diagrams from Visio :o(
> <cut>
> Hi!
> The above must wait until MySQL 4.0;  We will start to work on this
> when MySQL 3.23 (including sub selects) are stable.

As soon as this happens, I'd buy stock in Visio. Are we looking at six
months or so? 

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