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From:Sasha Pachev Date:May 4 1999 8:20pm
Subject:Re: A question on Virtual Hosts and MySQL
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Brian Dunten wrote:
> Forgive this question from a MySQL novice, but I'm stumped on this one:
> We are running MySQL 3.22.21 with an Apache 1.3.6 webserver on Solaris 7.
> Recently, we have added a name-based virtual host to our original web site.
> Although the perl scripts on the original site that access our databases are
> working correctly, ones from the new site are unable to connect to the
> databases.  No error code is returned (at least, none that I can find), but
> the script terminates without hitting the subsequent "prepare" and "execute"
> statements.

-Does the script run from the command line?
-Does the script run if invoked with a different virtual
host name?
-Does the script run at all?
-If the script runs one way and not the other, add code
to do debugging output in both to print the arguments of
all DBI calls and compare them.

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A question on Virtual Hosts and MySQLBrian Dunten5 May
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