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From:Mike Machado Date:May 4 1999 4:58pm
Subject:Re: How to CREATE DATABASE using DBI?
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Because of the way the DBI works you will have to still connect to some
database, but once connected you could do $sth = $dbh->do("create database
blah"); and that should do it. It is a pain that you have to connect to a
database just to create another, but oh well.

Daniele Colajacomo wrote:

> I've looked in the DBI documentation and could only find all the
> beautyful things you can do after you DBI->connect to an existing
> database, but I'm looking for a way, using DBI (I know how to do
> it just by logging into mysql), to CREATE DATABASE <dbname>. Or
> maybe should I just connect to mysql directly from my perl script?
> It's a pain though, it would be much cleaner if I could do it
> trhough DBI.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Daniele Colajacomo
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How to CREATE DATABASE using DBI?Daniele Colajacomo4 May
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