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From:Marc Antony Vose Date:February 22 2000 6:01am
Subject:only root can connect
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hey there...

i'm probably just being stupid, bt i'll throw this out hoping someone 
can quickly show me the light.

i've just switched machines and installed a fresh copy of mysql 
(3.22.32).  i'm trying to move my databases over to a new machine. 
the system, if it matters, is linuxppc.

i compiled and installed from the source, and the mysql client 
program is running fine.

the thing is, i am only able to connect as root.  i go and add users, 
either by directly entering stuff into the user, db, and host tables, 
or using the grant syntax, and none of my scripts are working b/c 
they are being refused a connection.  likewise, i can't use mysql 
from the command line as any of these users.  and es, i'm remembering 
to use "flush privileges". what silly thing am i overlooking?

Marc Antony Vose

The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the 
bad girls live.
-- George Carlin
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