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From:Charles Kirby Date:May 4 1999 3:27pm
Subject:Re: php versus perl for coupling to apache/intranet
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(copy also sent to Hof, Gert)

Keystone (a trouble-ticket system) runs entirely in PHP3... I have it
running on Apache_1.3.4, getting data from Mysql.

A very satisfactory system.

Check out (and, of course).


On Tue, 4 May 1999, Hof, Gert van 't wrote:

> Hello
> Is there anybody with exerience about the coupling of MYSQL to the INTRANET
> by 
> means of PHP or PERL?
> I have plans to couple a mysql-database to an intranet page.  The intranet
> runs under 
> apache.
> It seems that mysql and apache offer two ways to do this
> 1. by means of php.  I have found various sites where mysql-php coupling is
> discussed so 
> this seems to be a frequently used approach.
> 2. by means of perl scripts.  In the readme's of Apache i read that apache
> offers direct 
> coupling with perl-scripts instead of CGI-type of coupling.  With
> perl-scripts it is very 
> easy to approach the mysql database.  To me this seems the way to go, but i
> have not 
> found any reference sites.
> Can anybode advise me on the pros and cons or refer me to relevant
> literature/sites?
> Thanks in advace
> Regards
> Gert van 't Hof
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