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From:Jay Miller Date:May 4 1999 2:01pm
Subject:RE: Access!
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I do not know of a tool to draw an ER diagram.  If you converted MySQL
"Create Table" scripts to Access, you still wouldn't have foreign key
information, so you would have to manually specify the relationships in
Access.  If you are going to do this, you could instead link or import the
tables through ODBC then manually specify the relationships.

Messy I know, but it may get the job done.

Jay Miller
Socket Internet Services
Columbia, MO, US

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> Subject: Access!
> One of my colleagues is in desperate need of an ER diagram
> for our MySQL database and, although he has explored various
> options, has so far failed to find anything suitable.
> Foreign Key information is not stored in the MySQL database
> and therefore not available through ODBC so tools like Viso,
> Access et al. do not work.
> Does anyone know of a tool capable of drawing an ER diagram
> based on a MySQL database?
> Or, failing that, a tool to convert the MySQL "Create Table"
> syntax into a form acceptable to Access 2 or Access 97?
> Thanks...

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