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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 20 2000 12:26am
Subject:Re: mysql.sock
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At 2:50 PM -0800 2000-02-19, Christina Horvath wrote:
>Hello again!
>I re-installed MySQL and this time I did this
>(1) ./config
>(2) make
>(3) make install
>(4) ./scripts/mysql_install_db
>(5) ./bin/mysqladmin version    /* this command yields the error -> 
>cannot find socket /tmp/mysql.sock */
>Then I tried to find the socket somewhere in the system by doing:
>/# find / -name mysql.sock  
>The sockect is not in the syetem.  What can I do next guys?

You haven't started the server.  mysql_install_db starts the server
in order to create the grant tables, but the server terminates afterward
(at least from about 3.22.11 or so).  If you run "safe_mysqld &" the server
should start up and create the socket.  Then you should be able to connect
to it.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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