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From:Davor Cengija Date:May 3 1999 7:39pm
Subject:Re: Escaped double quotes
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On Mon, 3 May 1999, Mark Turner wrote:

>I have a web app using mySQL and PHP.  I am also switching web hosting
>provider and have an interesting issue that has cropped up.
>Old system is mySQL 3.21.30 and PHP 3.0.3 and everything works as
>New system is mySQL 3.21.31 and PHP 3.0 and when i query a varchar field
>that has a double quote character in it, it will display with a preceding
>back-slash escape character.  A query in the mysql client does not show
>the back-slash.
>Any thoughts?  Compile option?  Is it PHP or mySQL?

       PHP, i guess. check php.ini for magic_quotes or something like
       that. and read PHP manual, section about php.ini. you can
       override php 'default' options by setting your own options at
       the top of the script.
Davor Cengija
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