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From:Mike Machado Date:May 3 1999 9:25pm
Subject:Re: [MySQL] Using DBI, question
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Do ing a
use MySQL;
does not load a DBI driver. What you have to do is
use DBI;
 and then when you are creating your database handle you tell it what type
of database it is and it loads the correct files from there.

$dbh = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:mydb","user","pass");

You need to install the DBI and the mysql DBM, also known as

Ray Yous wrote:

> When writing a pelr script to access mysql you have to use DBI drivers of
> mysql. Like using the module MySQL in:
> use MySQL;
> But do you have to tell the script the path of the modules or the DBI
> drivers in order to use DBI for mysql?  Or does perl automaticly find the
> moduls for you and load them to run the script?
> Thanks
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