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From:Van Date:May 3 1999 8:02pm
Subject:Re: mod_auth_mysql problems
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Mine looks like this:
Auth_MySQL_General_DB webauth

requires the webauth database to be valid.

However, an another machine, I'm getting 
990503 16:01:24     128 Connect    nobody@localhost as anonymous on
                    128 Init DB    Access denied for user: '@localhost' to
database 'webauth' 
On attempting to connect.  Why blank user name?  Anyone?

Linux rocks!!!

On Mon, 3 May 1999, Evan Thomas wrote:

> I don't know if I should go to you for support on compiling the module, but I
> am having problems compiling it on Debian Linux 2.  It would compile with no
> errors.  Then restarting apache I would get:
> Invalid command 'Auth_mySQL_Info', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module
> not included in the server configuration
> I have 'Auth_MySQL_Info localhost user passwd' as the 1st thing for the
> module in httpd.conf.  Help in any way is much appreciated.
> Evan
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