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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 16 2000 8:52pm
Subject:New mailing list
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The bugs@stripped should now be active.

From the MySQL manual:

If you can make a test case which clearly shows the bug, you should post
it the the 'bugs@stripped' list. Note that on this list you
should only post a full, repeatable bug report, using the mysqlbug
script (if not running on Windows, in which case one should include a
description of the operating system and the MySQL version).  You should
preferable test the problem using the latest stable or development
version of MySQL before posting!  Anyone should be able to repeat the
bug by just using 'mysql test < script' on the included test case or run
the shell / perl script that is included in the bug report.  All bugs
posted on this list will be corrected or documented in the next MySQL
release!  If there was only small code changes involved to correct
this problem, we will also post a patch that fixes the problem.

We encourage everyone that have a repeatable bug to post to make a
full easy to repeat example and post to this list.  This will help us
to fix bugs even more quickly than before and thus higher the quality
of MySQL.

We will soon also add bug tracking to messages posted on this list...

New mailing list bugs@list.mysql.comMichael Widenius16 Feb