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From:Neil Robst Date:February 16 2000 10:16am
Subject:MyODBC Time Problem
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	I'm having a problem with the MyODBC connector whereby when I use it
to retrieve information from a MySQL database and return all the database
into a MS Excel spreadsheet the time column is being reported as 23:52:00
for all the records. The column in the database is called regtime and is of
type TIME. I thought it was a problem with the ODBC connector at first,
because the proper times are being recorded in the database. But on further
investigation, MS Query which is used my MS Excel to retrieve the data from
the database also sees the correct times. I had thought then that it was a
colum formatting problem in Excel, but after having tried several different
column formats, cannot get it to recognise the correct date?

	Any ideas anyone?


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