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From:Paul H. Bern Date:February 15 2000 4:00pm
Subject:Phantom repeating ID
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Hi All,

I have a really strange (to me anyhow) problem.  I'm trying to load a
tab-delimited file with 11 fields and 42,793 records.  The first field is
a non-unique ID and the source of my problem.  The file appears to load
correctly, except that starting with the 12,793rd record, the ID field
repeats the same number (32767 - the ID has nothing to do with the record 
number) for the rest of the file.  Interestingly enough, this ID does not
actually appear in the data, and the last good record has an ID=32766.  I
cleaned out all "/", "\", "&" from the file and still had the same
problem.  I even tried sorting the input file on a different field before
loading it and still got the repeating 32767 - on the same exact records
as before rather than at the 12,793rd, as though I had simply sorted the
previous table.

Any ideas?



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