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From:Thomas Wana Date:March 15 1999 8:08pm
Subject:how to select password(...)?
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Sorry for asking, I know there is a thread about that, but that
couldn't help me...

I've got a table 'user':
| nr | Name     | Pass           |
|  0 | t.wana   | a3245jybdwejre |
|  1 | m.resch  | klj879879348aa |

I've inserted the values with the following command:
insert into user values (0,"t.wana",password('asdf'));
insert into user values (1,"m.resch",password('sdfg'));

Now imagine the User t.wana sends his username and password over a web-
interface and the program should decide wether it lets him through or not :)

I thought that would work:
select * from user where Name=[name from web-interface] and
   Pass=password('[password from web-interface]');

When there is a row returning, then the username and password are correct.

My problem: there is always an "empty set" returning.

Could you please help me on that?

Thanks a lot,

how to select password(...)?Thomas Wana15 Mar
Re: how to select password(...)?Fred Lindberg15 Mar