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From:Colin McKinnon Date:February 15 2000 8:56am
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At 00:40 15/02/00 -0800, "Oleg Timofeyev" <olegtim@stripped> wrote:
>I am trying to copy multiple rows from one table into another. By using
>something like:
>INSERT INTO table1 SELECT * FROM table2 where ID=1234;
>Unfortunatelly it only stores one of the lets say 18 values. I am sure its
>something very simple, I am just very new to mySQL. Thank you for your help.

Works OK for me. 

What are you using to send the query? 
Are you getting any error messages back? 
Can you run the query in mysql (the mysql cli client)?
What are your table structures?
Does you data violate any constraints you've placed on your data (e.g. NOT
Are you sure that the DBMS is able to map the fields in table2 to table1

If all else fails, try reporting this as a bug - see the manual for details
on how to create a bug report.



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