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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 15 2000 6:06am
Subject:Re: init-file problem.
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>>>>> "sasha" == sasha  <sasha@stripped> writes:

sasha> Peter Zaitsev wrote:
>> I have mysqld 3.23.10 running on SuSe 6.3
>> It works almost fine so far but the problem I've found. Currently the
>> problem is if I provide mysqld specifed init file afterwards i cant shutdown
>> it - after issuing the shutdown command many of mysqld processes still exist
>> so I can't  start mysqld again.  Well I can't even kill it with normal
>> signal only kill -9 bring it down.
>> Without initfile - everything works fine.  With other simplier initfile -
>> also.

Can you provide a full example of this?


>> The other question is why mysql does not support autoincrement columns in
>> heap tables - this is bad a bit....

sasha> This has to do with a different way of storing data, heap tables are
sasha> implememented different than MyISAM. I'll let Monty comment on the details, as
sasha> he is more familiar with the subject.

The main problem is that heap tables don't have any notion of how to
order numbers. We shall however look at adding this in the future.

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