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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 15 2000 6:04am
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Zaitsev <pz@stripped> writes:

Peter> On the download page I can find mysql modules of versions 1.2018 and 1.2209
Peter> Well the second one seems to be more resend but as the link from perl
Peter> downloads leads to 1.2018 I'm not shure if 1.2209 is recomended to use or it
Peter> is somehow in beta state or so.

1.2209 should work fine;  We had 2 links to msql-mysql-modules on 2
different pages and one of these was accidently left pointing to the old
module.  I have now fixed this.

MYSQL MODULESPeter Zaitsev14 Feb
  • MYSQL MODULESMichael Widenius15 Feb