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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:May 2 1999 1:12pm
Subject:Re: How to install
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I installed mysql on linux and solaris intel.  I simply followed the
instructions in the mysql docs.  These docs are very complete.  Both Linux
and Solaris use exactly the same methods to install (binaries that is).  

>    Iam Manikyakumar, downloaded your Mysql software from the site ie 
>   Iam trying to install on Red Hat linux ver 5.2 . But iam failing
>to install .Is it sufforted for these ver can give the answer for us
>iam facing problems.
>   Iam Extracted these file to /usr/local and ln to mysql.
>After that i try to execute /scripts/mysql_install_db file.
>But iam not able to execute.
>    Only os is loaded no additional components .
>   If it is sufforted these version can give the answer to install
>     One more thing I had sun solaris 2.6(intel based) is it
>sufforted and what package i must down load.
>Thank you
>Manikya kumar
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