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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 1 1999 10:22pm
Subject:export of blobs in MySQL dump
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>>>>> "Georg" == Georg Cantor <georgcantor@stripped> writes:

Georg> The MySQL manual states that LOAD DATA INFILE, SELECT DATA INFILE do not
Georg> support blobs, but the exportSQL library, for use with MS Access, appeared
Georg> able to export Access graphic blobs.


LOAD DATA INFILE doesn't support BLOBS for FIXED size rows;  (Using
BLOBS on FIXED size rows are not that common :).  If you have some
delimiter between your columns, BLOBS will work just fine.

Georg> Does that require alternate escape sequences and delimiters?
You have to escape the delimiter and the escape character

Georg> Will the attempt to load the data into Access or vice versa be problematic?

I don't think so.

Georg> Will it break down later?

See above.

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