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From:Steve Edberg Date:February 11 2000 8:26pm
Subject:Re: Starting from a certain place
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At 7:36 AM -0800 2/11/00, Darryl Ashton wrote:
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>I'm perfectly able to make a MySQL query (via
>PHP) sort by date, time, name, both foward and
>descending, etc.  But is there a way to make it
>start from an entry other than the first?
>For example, I've got a list of products, 400 in
>total, and they've all got their own MySQL
>entries.  I want to display 20 per page, and I
>want to allow the user to choose which letter of
>the alphabet required.  So clicking on "D" would
>display all products starting from D, but
>allowing the user to go back to the previous 20,
>which would obviously contain C, and then next,
>to view E.
>Is this possible in an easy way?

Something like

	FROM product_list
	WHERE name >= 'D'
	ORDER BY name

perhaps? For case insensitivity, use

	FROM product_list
	WHERE UCASE(name) >= 'D'
	ORDER BY name

- steve

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