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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 10 2000 11:24pm
Subject:Re: Mysql not accepting connections
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>>>>> "sasha" == sasha  <sasha@stripped> writes:

sasha> Donncha O Caoimh wrote:
>> I have MySQL running on a fairly busy site(~20,000 page req. per hour)
>> that's heavily database orientated. Each page request needs to contact
>> the database at least once and there's other data being generated from
>> from about 500MB of data in 2 databases.
>> The box is a Sun box, with dual CPUs, 512MB RAM and load is very light,
>> it doesn't go above 3, but MySQL is refusing connections to some of our
>> visitors.
>> I had a read through the performance section of the manual and looked at
>> back_log which is set to the default of 5, is it safe to increase this
>> to 10 or more? Apache is set to about 80 or 90 children (people do get
>> to the site, but get the usual pconnect error from Apache) and MySQL is
>> set to 100 connections so the back_log variable looks to me like the one
>> to change.
>> Am I going in the right direction?

sasha> So the message is Connection refused: errno 111? If that is the case then you
sasha> are probably right about the backlog. Backlog is the size of the listen queue
> --
sasha> the maximum number of SYNs pending acknowldedgement you can have for the port.
sasha> It is safe to increase to 50 or even 100 -- I don't know why we still have the
sasha> default at 5 actually, I think what happened is that Monty a long time ago set
sasha> it to 5, and no one complained, so it stayed this way.

Thats correct.  I have now increased this to 50 as default.

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