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From:Michael Farr Date:May 1 1999 3:04am
Subject:C++ thing
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As part of a project I am creating a "point and click" style interface to
the database via Borland Builder 4.0.  The user (assumed to have no SQL
knowledge at all) will be able to click on a list of fields to select (and
type in a title for this field).  Due to the type of field that the user
clicks on (date, float, count function, balance function etc) the "group
by" drop down box will change its possible value set.  To do this I need a
data structure to query, one that automatically updates itself if a new
table is created.

I need some sort of C++ data structure that I can ask which table a
particular field is in.  This will need to be able to connect itself to the
MySQL database and do a "show" query to get its possible tables then query
each table to get types of each field.

Has anyone got code to a data structure such as this, or ... anything so I
don't have to write all the code myself.

(and no, QBE, access etc don't have the functionality to replace the
interface I need)

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C++ thingMichael Farr1 May