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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 9 2000 1:21pm
Subject:The Question about locked tables.
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Zaitsev <pz@stripped> writes:

Peter> I have disabled concurent insert and delayed_key write by running mysqld
Peter> with skip_new option.

Peter> I expected to get much locked tables but the problem I see now is I can't
Peter> find which of connections have locked  "sites"  table which really slows
Peter> everything down then it's locked. The thing is I can't find the connection
Peter> which hold it locked. The really nice feature will be an command using which
Peter> I could find information about who have locks on the table and which locks
Peter> does the connection have.

'mysqladmin proc' shows you which tables are locked by which user at
any given time.

'mysqladmin debug' will write out the full lock structure on the error
file, but this isn't that easy to read.

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