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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 8 2000 10:14pm
Subject:Re: safe_mysqld
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>>>>> "sasha" == sasha  <sasha@stripped> writes:

sasha> Peter Zaitsev wrote:
>> I have my databases located in different location then they normaly should be.
>> In my my.cnf I have provided all required options and variables.
>> Well each time I have to additionaly modify safe_mysqld to remove --data-dir
> option.
>> I do not understand what this options is passed for. There are some defaults
> compiled in and the default distribution passes in safe_mysqld just them ?

sasha> I was wondering about that too :-) I think this is a leftover from the time
> when
sasha> mysqld could not read my.cnf -- we really should get rid of it and instruct
sasha> everybody to use my.cnf

I agree

Anyway, I shall modify safe_mysqld for the next version to check for
data_dir in my.cnf

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