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From:Ed Carp Date:March 15 1999 5:58pm
Subject:Re: VisualBASIC API
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>Hi to all, especially to Peter who answered my question
>, but he hasn't helped:
>here is better explanation:
>I am NOT winbl0ws user... i am linuxman :) i just want to make (in VB
>it is the easyiest way) client application (Oracle users know very well
>Oracle forms developer and PL/SQL)
>I just want to use that app to connect to MySQL server (on my LINUX machine
>USA) and make some simple updates, i don't want APS's (blah), and so on...
>just to write simple client application :) do you understand me now?

You really don't need to write an API to do that - the easiest way to make a
simple app is to drop a DBGrid and a Data Control on a form, bind the DBGrid
to the data control, and fill in the properties for the Data Control.  It'll
take you about 5 minutes. :)

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