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From:Richard Schilling Date:February 7 2000 10:13pm
Subject:RE: client server application
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You'll certainly get more speed using C/C++.  

But, Java is great to develop in because it's 
easy to work with.  So, you can prototype in
C++, then redo the code in C++, or perhaps
find a Java to C++ conversion program.  That's
what I do.  The other thing to consider is that
Java processors may be coming out soon, which
would solve the speed issue.  It's being worked
on as we speak.

So, your work in Java certainly won't go to waste.

The only other suggestion I can make is to use 
threads extensively.  It makes a big difference
in the performance.

Richard Schilling
Everett, WA

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From: Ahmed K Bayyari [mailto:abayyari@stripped]
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2000 1:55 PM
To: java@stripped; mysql@stripped;
Subject: client server application

Hi all, i've sent a similar email earlier last week, i
got some good feedback, however, i would like to get
more feedback before i start designing my application.

First of all, the application can be written in any of
the following programming languages: C/C++ using ODBC,
JAVA using JDBC, or Perl using DBI/DBD. I can't use
Java servlets. I would prefer either java or perl.
Anyways, i need to write a socket that would act as a
middle man in a three tier client/server setup. The
socket would accept data from a client, process it,
and then send it to the database server to be stored.
The server would then send some info back to the
client via the socket. Both the client and server are
running on unix, the server has the JDBC and DBI/DBD
modules installed for the mysql database.

I haven't done anything like this before so i really
need any help that you can provide. Any
recommendations on how to implement the system or good
websites or books would be greatly appreciated. Oh,
and i'm still a newbie in java and perl :-)  but i'm
extremely good with C/C++. However, most of you
prefered java last time i sent this email since it's
client/server implementation is the easiest and it's
got tones of libraries to play around with.

Thanks alot, your help is greatly appreciated .


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