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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 5 2000 12:25am
Subject:Re: C API programming examples
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>I can compile the simple example in the MySQL book by Paul DuBois
>All it is trying to do is connect ot the database and close the connection.
>The MySQL server is my remote one and is 3.22.19b
>Attached is the code and the makefile
>It compiles OK but the client program just sits there and never comes back.
>I can terminate it with a ^C and it says it Process terminated by 
>SIGINT in thread 1
>I am compiling it with gcc and emx on OS/2
>What am I doing wrong
>Robert Gehrig
>Webmaster at
>e-mail: webmaster@stripped

The mailing list strips attachments.  Which program are you referring

I can try to help, but I have no experience with OS/2, so I may not
be much good on this one. :-(

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
C API programming examplesRobert Gehrig5 Feb
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