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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:February 4 2000 6:17pm
Subject:Re: Shareware to full version update?
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I used the shareware version for a few months then paid for the full
version - not because it is faster or has more features but because I
wanted to contribute.  From my experience, if you are only using the
shareware version for single user access, there is no advantage to
upgrading to the full version.  But if you are going to use MySQL on a
production machine (Windows or Linux) then I think it is only fair to
contribute the full price.  Note, compared to Oracle or MSQL Server, MySQL
is very inexpensive.  

>I'm a computer science student at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and
>I downloaded the mySQL shareware version (for Windows) a couple of days ago.
>I like it very much, since it's very, very fast. I use it - together with
>PHP and Perl - to experiment with building database-driven websites on my
>local machine. These sites (and databases) are not available to the public,
>for I use an ISDN-line to connect to the Internet, and constant access would
>get a bit expensive...
>I'd very much like to have the full version of mySQL, since it is said to be
>way faster, optimized for my processor, and so on. However, I'm only a
>student, and have no way of paying the full version. On the other hand, I
>only use mySQL personally on 1 machine, and for that I don't think it worth
>the price right now. If I had a full network with a databaseserver on it, or
>a web server that's constantly connected to the Internet, I'd say it would
>be worth the price very much (but then again: I'd be using Linux as a web
>server, and not Windows...).
>My question is: is there a way of obtaining the full version for educational
>purposes without paying the (full) price for mySQL. I'd be more than happy
>to pay some cash, since that would be no more than normal, I'd say. But as
>said before, the full price is way out of my league.
>Thanks in advance,
>Vincent Oostindie
>The Netherlands
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