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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 29 1999 11:56pm
Subject:group by week()
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>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Glatz <phil@stripped> writes:

Phil> for is a table with a series of row, one per day
Phil> when is a timedate field

Phil> select when,week(when) as wk from foo group by wk order by when;

Phil> This query does group properly on week numbers, but the date in the 'when'
Phil> column is a value from sometime within the week, but not necessarily the
Phil> starting day of the week - any way to make this column reflect the first
Phil> day of the week?

Note that the above query is illegal according to ansi SQL;
You can't mix group functions with normal fields!
Check the GROUP BY entry in the MySQL manual!

How about:

select min(when) as w,week(when) as wk from foo group by wk order by w;


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