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From:Vinny Stoessel Date:April 30 1999 12:07am
Subject:Re: As I wait to go home to fix my zombie server...
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This seems right. What I forgot to tell the list is that at 8:30 am
today my machine had a hardware problem with ide0 controller.
When I did a "shutdown -r now" The Bios could not detect the my 2 
hard drives on the IDE controller 1 but saw the drive on IDE 
controller 2. A hard reboot detected all drives and I went on to
work without a care. How did you determine it was a hard drive problem?
You're saying the drive that has the swap might be the culprit?
Thanks for your help.

> Vinnie, you have a hardware problem, most likely.  Seems to me to
> indicate a swap file (perhaps the hard-drive used thereby) problem.  You
> WILL get segfaults on an out of memory condition with a select that
> requires more memory than you have physically available (meaning
> phys+swap), but, once the memory is depleted, a happy kernel (i.e.
> 2.0.36 your current and once I've run into this with, or 2.2.6, in my
> case now) will slowly kill memory hungry processes, and, ultimately free
> memory to a normal state.  Can't speak for what happened to your data,
> however, if it was an insert.  My experience with this indicator is on a
> select that resulted in a 200Meg temp record-set (then only 64 phys; 64
> swap).
> But, the kernel problem is ominous.  It's pointing at a hard-drive
> read.  The process was mysqld, since that was the straw that broke the
> camel's back.  But, the mysqld was not the culprit, just the process
> that caused the memory overload.
> Hope that helps.
> Regards,
> Van
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