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From:Marco Lopez Date:April 29 1999 11:23pm
Subject:$editor : not found, YET! :)
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Thanks for taking time in to responding trivial things like this!. I 
appreciate this cos' I've a client breathing on my neck :(

The case thing was my fault, I did NOT made myself clear. 
The variable is $ EDITOR.

I tried your suggestion to change the value to /usr/bin/vi:
mysql just complained that
"/usr/bin/vi:not found"

Any other thing comes to mind????


> On Wed, Apr 28, 1999 at 11:24:31AM -0500, Paul DuBois wrote:
> > At 5:10 PM +0100 4/28/1999, Marco Lopez wrote:
> > >I've checked the $editor variable, the environment and VI works fine
> > 
> > mysql checks $EDITOR and $VISUAL, not $editor.
> ... and vi is 'vi', not 'VI'.  Case is really important in Unix.
> If you've checked all those things and it still doesn't work,
> try setting your EDITOR variable to the full path to vi, like
> this:
> $ env EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi
> If that works, then maybe your PATH is munged somehow.
> Tim

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