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From:Van Date:April 29 1999 11:12pm
Subject:Re: Microsoft introduces IMDB (In-memory database)
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Paul DuBois wrote:
> At 2:30 PM -0500 4/29/1999, Fred Lindberg wrote:
> >Just thought I'd share this:
> >
> >PCWeek April 26, 1999 (vol 16, no 17) starting on page 1 talks about
> >the new microsoft Windows 2000 adding an in-memory database "retrieving
> >it [data]from cache instead of from disk, said officials of the Remond,
> >Wash., company.". "``It's huge", said Jomo Moir, senior web
> >technologist at CBS, a financial Web site in San
> >Francisco, ...''.
> >
> >AFAIK, a decent OS [linux and others], does disk caching at the OS
> >level. Maybe this needs to be advertized as a feature of MySQL on Linux
> >2.2.x ;-)
> So is this another example of Microsoft using an idea someone else
> thought of, that has been in use for years, and heralding their
> own use of it as "innovation"?
> --
> Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
> Northern League Chronicles:
Probably, Paul.  However, there are a tremendous number of incentives to
upgrading to the 2.2.X kernel (stay away from 2.2.2 on overclocked
machines, BTW; 2.2.6 runs very stably, though); and, mounting FUD
campaigns by MS while they gear up for Win2000, should be immediately
countered with rational "press-releases" from the UNIX/Linux community
to put them into perspective.  Especially, once the Corporate folks get
a couple weeks to digest the Caldera press release.  Credibility and a
vocal presence will only push the non-windows crowd further.
Linux rocks!!!
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