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From:Brian Huddleston Date:April 29 1999 11:07pm
Subject:Re: Microsoft introduces IMDB (In-memory database)
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Subject: Re: Microsoft introduces IMDB (In-memory database)

> At 2:30 PM -0500 4/29/1999, Fred Lindberg wrote:
> >Just thought I'd share this:
> >
> >PCWeek April 26, 1999 (vol 16, no 17) starting on page 1 talks about
> >the new microsoft Windows 2000 adding an in-memory database "retrieving
> >it [data]from cache instead of from disk, said officials of the Remond,
> >Wash., company.". "``It's huge", said Jomo Moir, senior web
> >technologist at CBS, a financial Web site in San
> >Francisco, ...''.
> >
> >AFAIK, a decent OS [linux and others], does disk caching at the OS
> >level. Maybe this needs to be advertized as a feature of MySQL on Linux
> >2.2.x ;-)
> So is this another example of Microsoft using an idea someone else
> thought of, that has been in use for years, and heralding their
> own use of it as "innovation"?

Sort of...NT does disk caching just like everyone else.  This is just a
service that makes sharing state easier.  It's especially nice for web
application or stateless components where it's dog slow to go to the
database for every hit (unless you're using MySQL, of course ;-).  Its all
RAM based (which is nice).  You can talk SQL to it (which is convenient).
Its even almost ACID (except for the D, of course).

Its a replacement for another MS service (the Shared Property Manager) which
pretty much blew chunks.

Keeps you from having to write one up yourself.

Brian Huddleston,
Huddleston Consulting

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