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From:Howard Ha Date:February 4 2000 1:19am
Subject:Re: Napster uses mySQL...
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Of course we don't know in what capacity the MySQL is being used.  It 
doesn't necessarily mean that MySQL is their main db backend :P

At 02:03 PM 2/3/2000 -0800, Daevid Vincent wrote:
>I was curious as to what database this company was using, since it would
>have to be fast and able to handle HUGE amounts of queries rapidly, and I
>happend to notice this in their jobs section:
>Database Engineer
>This individual must have at least 4 years of DB experience, including
>schema design and SQL programming. Experience with CGI and programming in
>Perl or C++ is required. Oracle or MySQL experience is preferred. This
>individual must have a CS degree and at least 2 years of Object Oriented

Napster uses mySQL...Daevid Vincent4 Feb
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