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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 3 2000 12:39pm
Subject:Re: mysqlimport question
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At 10:52 AM +0100 2000-02-03, Sébastien wrote:
>I get the following message : "
>Loading data from local file : wine111.table into wine111
>Error : Table 'wine111.wine111' doesn't exist when using table wine111
>When typing :
>mysqlimport -h XXX.XX.XX.X -P 3306 -v -ppasswd -umyuser wine111

The last argument should be "part", not "wine111.part".

>Not, let's explain.
>In my base "wine111", I want to import a table named "wine111.part".
>Some suggested that I remove the passwd, but when I do, I am being
>denied access.
>(using password NO), I would rather expext the system to ask me for a
>password ("Enter password :" prompt).

Use -p and not -ppasswd.  mysqlimport should prompt you for the password

>My passwd and username are correct. I suppose there's a problem going on
>with the table name and the base name, but I cannot see where.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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