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From:Wayne Cease Date:April 29 1999 3:06pm
Subject:Re: About transaction support
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efrazier@stripped wrote:
> I was just wondering what the big deal is about transactions? I mean if you
> are adding records to several different tables, and you get an error with...

From an application viewpoint it's easier for the data base to deal with
it.  Instead of writing code to undo what you just did for every action
you can let the data base deal with it.

It can get complicated.  What happens when you update a series of rows
rather than a simple insert of rows?  What happens when another
application or instance of your app updates the row after you
insert/update it?  Granted, that doesn't happen much, but it can; does
your app handle this?  Do you lock the tables everytime so other apps
can not muck with the recent changes?

The simple answer is that when the data base controls these things the
world is much simpler for the application.  It of course is much more
work for the data base engine.

Wayne Cease

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