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From:Jay Date:March 15 1999 3:12pm
Subject:DISTINCT weirdness..
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Can someone explain the internals of mySQL's "SELECT DISTINCT" ?

I applaud TCX for it's informative online manual.. but this area seems a bit

I've got a TEXT column I'm de-duping, so I brewed up a quick Perl/DBI

It only finds 1 dupe out of 3234 rows, where as SELECT DISTINCT .. into
outfile 'foo' counts 2937 to the file.. so, 297 dupes. Right? (That is if a
dupe is A = B)

This is bizarre to me, I trust my script.. the single dupe it found is* 100%
equal to another record.

I spose I'll run it with... text_column like "$thingy" , and see what


-Jay J

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