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From:efrazier Date:April 29 1999 2:45pm
Subject:About transaction support
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I was just wondering what the big deal is about transactions? I mean if you
are adding records to several different tables, and you get an error with
one of the tables what is wrong with just coding it so that the succesfully
added records get deleted and a error report made or some other action taken
etc? I guess I am wondering just what transactions are used for. Why do they
seem to be a godlike thing for many people?  I always thought it was really
just a safty measure because of a limitation of realtional databases. Is it
more than that? I am running into this a bit now because to add a new client
to a database, I have to add information into several different tables. If I
missed something with removing a comma or something from the web form input,
one INSERT could fail with the others going though.



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