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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 14 1999 2:13pm
Subject:SPAM from Calistra Research Labs?
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>>>>> "tcobb" == tcobb  <tcobb@stripped> writes:

tcobb> Just wanted to see if we were the only ones who got
tcobb> spammed from Calistra Research Labs because of having
tcobb> a mention on the MySQL website.

tcobb> Now, I'm all for people doing well selling commercial
tcobb> products, so the fact that this organization found
tcobb> the need to send unsolicited email regarding their
tcobb> commercial MySQL product suggests that a better
tcobb> forum for the notification of new commercial MySQL-based
tcobb> products would be necessary.

tcobb> Monty, I know you've been thinking about a section of
tcobb> the website related to this, what's your opinion on 
tcobb> companies using the MySQL website to troll names for
tcobb> spamming (to support MySQL-related software) ?

tcobb> -Troy Cobb
tcobb>  Circle Net, Inc.


We at TCX are against SPAM in all context, except when you have
explicitly asked for it.  To be listed on the MySQL pages are not a
request for MySQL related SPAM.

I think however that if anyone has a product that uses MySQL, they should
allowed to send a mail to mysql@stripped to announce it.  They can also
send a mail to announce@stripped and we at TCX will decide if
we should accept this for the announce list; I think that all new
MySQL related products should be allowed to post at least once on the
announce list.

We are always willing to put up visible links on to all
products that are sold with a MySQL license :)

Any comments?

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