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From:Sigmund Straumsnes Date:April 29 1999 9:15am
Subject:Seg. fault/Server has gone away
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MySQL version 3.22.15-gamma.

I'm an inexperienced user. I've had MySQL running for several 
months without any problems.

Suddenly I'm starting to get Segmentation faults.
in the log file, this reports as:
"mysqld restarted on <date>
 (...) ready for connections".
In the monitor I get:
"ERROR 2013: Lost connection (...)" or
"ERROR     : Server has gone away".
The "segmentation fault" is output on console of the user who 
executed bin/safe_mysqld.
Safe_mysqld still runs though, and the daemon immediately 
This happens independent on whether the connection to the 
database is through socket or TCP/IP.

This happens on several occasions:
- if a user states a query incorrectly, eg
  "use dbatase" instead of
  "use database"
- if a user tries to access a database without rights, eg
  "use mysql"
- if root user does
  "flush privileges"
- because of incorrect php-web-scripts (this even caused the   
  http daemon to die)
However, this does not always happen. Often, these queries are 
performed or get their correct error messages.
Queries on databases that a user has rights on, correctly 
stated, are performed without problems.

Thank you very much for your time

* Sigmund Straumsnes, Senior Engineer
* Faculty of Engineering
* Oslo College, Norway -
* sigmunds@stripped
* tel: +(47) 22 45 32 63
Seg. fault/Server has gone awaySigmund Straumsnes29 Apr
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