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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:January 30 2000 3:05pm
Subject:Re: MySQL compile fails on Solaris
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Could you send a typical program you are trying to build on Solaris?  I use
Solaris 7, Intel and I have had no problem building the mysql server and
client applications using gcc-2.95.1

>At 1:16 AM +0200 2000-01-30, Michael Widenius wrote:
>>  >>>>> "marek" == marek  <marek@stripped> writes:
>>marek> Hi!
>>marek> I have written about this several times , still seems no progress..
>>marek> Description:
>>marek>   Well, the problem itself is simple and solution is also simple:
>>marek>    problem)  call gethostname is deprecated under solaris, it still
>>marek>              exists in manpages but is no longer included in
>>marek> How-To-Repeat:
>>marek>	compile any vanilla mysql from source under solaris.
>>marek> Fix:
>>marek>  solution) patch the MYSQL_DIR/sql/ file with following
>>marek>         #ifdef __sun__
>>marek>         #include <sys/systeminfo.h>
>>marek>         #define gethostname(x,y) sysinfo(SI_HOSTNAME,x,y)
>>marek>         #endif
>>marek>           And it will start working again as it is supposed.
>>Just one question:
>>I couldn't find anything in my Solaris 2.7 manual about gethostname()
>>being deprecated.
>I can't either.  Besides, it would be really bizarre to prefer a non-standard
>call like sysinfo() to a standard one like gethostname().  That would require
>patching not only, but *any* program that uses gethostname(), which
>would be an insane incompatibility for Sun to introduce.
>I'm also curious about it not being in the Solaris libraries.  This is what
>I get on my Solaris 2.7 system:
>% cd /usr/lib
>% ar t libc.a | grep gethostname
>>Anyway, the current MySQL 3.22.30 compiled cleanly on our Solaris
>>2.5.1, 2.6 and 2.7 machines.
>>configure should define the -DSOLARIS flag in configure which should
>>have fixed this problem.  Can you check why the following configure
>>test didn't work on your machine:
>>   *solaris2.5.1*)
>>     echo "Enabling getpass() workaround for Solaris 2.5.1"
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